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    Article Can I run a phpbb forum (message board) on my site?
    Absolutely! In fact you can install it instantly through your control panel. Phpbb is free, open source software for running a forum. Phpbb runs...
    Views: 5848
    Article How do I signup?
    On any page of our site click the "Order Now" link. Follow the on screen instructions and fill out your user information. Once your payment...
    Views: 1287
    Article Do your servers support XML?
    Yes, all of our servers support XML.
    Views: 1270
    Article Setup Time?
    What is the setup time on your services? Accounts are set-up as soon as payment is confirmed. An email with all the information you need to start...
    Views: 1264
    Article How do I track how many hits my website gets?
    There are a few things that need to be cleared in terms of terminology: 1. Hits - this simply refers to the number of 'elements' loaded on your...
    Views: 1167

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