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    About Host Spot

    A little bit about us.

    I first started building websites in 1998, and by 2003 was wabmaster of about 20 or 30 sites. It was at this point I decided to start Host Spot so I could keep all the websites I looked after in one place. UK server space was very expensive in the late 90's and at that time we hosted all our sites on servers in the US and the Far East. Although this was the most cost effective solution, obvously it wasn't the best option as the vast majority of the sites we hosted in those early days were based in the UK. As we've grown over the years our focus has moved from just building websites to fully featured hosting, domain registration and of course we still build websites. All our websites are now hosted in the UK and with the prices of server space falling we now offer hosting plans at the lowest price with the most bandwidth and disk space we've ever been able to offer.

    Our aim when Host Spot was founded in 2003 was to provide good value for money with a personal service which the larger hosting companies couldn't match. Today our values haven't changed and although our business has grown, we're still a small company providing a simple straight forward service. This year 2011 has seen some changes in our set up and our new look website is almost finished, with the ordering, billing and support all integrated into one seamless easy to use portal.

    Who knows what the future holds, but there's one thing for sure, Host Spot will be doing what we've done for the past 8 years, providing first rate services at great prices and offering a personal service to every customer.

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